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Best Practices for Supermarkets

Most stores we have studied have never documented what they do to consistently achieve their goals for:

· Customer service

· Store conditions

· Merchandising requirements

· Techniques for production and safety

Many stores do not get what they are expecting to get because they have never really defined it.  Management often relies on a tribal knowledge, based on passing critical information to team members through a verbal, on the job training process.

If the company has several stores, results may vary because one store manager has shared more of their techniques, standards and vision—than others have.  Training is therefore spotty at best.  Results are just as varied.

Best practices don’t just happen. They must be documented, trained and implemented.

Then they need to be reinforced through a process of continued active interest by hands-on managers. Monitor progress towards achieving your goals—now that you really know what they are.

Inspect what you expect.

Best Practices Defined

· Think through what your store is meant to offer your customers and team members.

· Document what you need to provide for store standards as the owner sees it.

· Customer Service

· Store & Department Cleanliness

· Merchandising— displays, shelf conditioning, signage, density

· Techniques for production and safety

· Personal presentation & hygiene

· Sanitation & techniques etc.

· Federal, state & local regulations

It would be nice to go to a book and just find out the best way to do everything for optimal customer service, cleanliness, safety, merchandising for maximized sales and profit and so on.  We don’t know where to send you for that book — we only know how to help you write your own.

Every store is a bit different from every other. They have different locations with different competitors. They have different styles of going to market controlled by each team member’s understanding of the store standards required for the optimal results in the marketplace.

We have experience helping owners define their store standards so there is a goal to achieve. Without goals and their clear understanding, results are sporadic.

Best Practices Don’t Just Happen

Text Box: Initial Process—Discovery:
Text Box: Benefits:

· Give a consistent expectation to all trained team members

· Get more consistent results from a variety of team members across the organization

· Give an ongoing trainable system of technique and conduct

· Maintain a savvy workforce regardless of turnover

· Give a more uniform shopping experience to your customers.

· Allow your store to differentiate itself from the competition.

· You know what to expect!

We have experience with what has worked for other companies in a variety of supermarket formats. From high service, upscale store formats to price driven, limited variety formats we have worked to define the tasks needed, the way to perform them, how long they should take to perform and when they should be done.